Toyota GR Yaris Turbo Inlet


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!!! Time required about 30 minutes !!!

Material:                      Aluminium
Colour:                         Black anodized
Dimensions (mm):    L 130 x B 120 x H 100
Weight:                       0,4 kg
Suitable for:

  • Toyota GR Yaris

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Toyota GR Yaris Turbo Inlet

The Foresight Turbo Inlet, which is made of high quality, black anodized aluminum, Made in Germany, convinces with an evenly rising transition to the turbocharger, which achieves a better flow performance and therefore a higher air flow.

Since this is not enough for us, we have developed a special silicone fabric hose, which ensures optimal airflow to the turbocharger.
This is manufactured to fit perfectly so that it is absolutely even with our Turbo Inlet.

We recommend that the installation be carried out by trained specialists.

Matching screws are included in the delivery.

Included in the package:
1* Turbo Inlet incl. gasket
1* Intake manifold
2* Hose clamp

For the sake of the environment, you can find the installation instructions in digital form under Downloads or on our YouTube channel.

If you still have questions or need information, please feel free to contact us.
You can reach us at any time via the contact form or via our Facebook page.

** This product does not have street approval. **

Weight0,15 kg
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